Airline Swaps Bulky In-Flight Entertainment System with iPads

From the cockpit to the cabin, the aviation industry loves the iPad. Scoot Pte, a budget airline and subsidiary of Singapore Air, just added iPads to four of its Boeing 777s. The company plans to expand its initiative by adding iPads to 14 777s over the next few years.

Not only does this decision modernize the airline’s in-flight entertainment options, it saves the company money. Adding iPads to the plane shaved 7 percent off the plane’s weight while increasing seating by 40 percent. (40 percent more seats. Really?! Were they ripping out old-school CRT monitors?)

Passengers who fly with Scoot Pte will receive the iPads pre-loaded with entertainment content (movies, music, games and television shows). Business Class passengers can use iPads for free while those in economy seating may rent one for just $17.

Transportation research analyst Corrine Png of PMorgan Chase & Co. called the change a “smart move” because lightening the plane will “help improve fuel efficiency.”

Scoot PTE joins Quantas in offering iPads for in-flight entertainment.

While Scoot PTE’s use of iPads in the cabin marks one of the first airlines to bring the tablet to passengers, the aviation industry has widely adopted the iPad in the cockpit already. The US Air Force and the FAA have also recently adopted the iPad. The FAA plans to expand use of the iPad for its employees.

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