Microsoft Office for iPad to Launch on November 10

We have been anticipating it for months. Rumors have been circulating throughout the entire first half of 2012. First, we learned that Microsoft had submitted a series of apps to the App Store for approval. Then, we thought we’d see an official launch alongside the new iPad.

Even as recent as a week ago, we discovered that the company will be ready this Fall. Today, The Daily is reporting that Microsoft’s ultimate business package for iOS, Office Mobile, will launch on November 10.

It’s about time.

According to The Daily, who has been following the development of Microsoft Office for iOS closely, the development team has finished its part of the process and the app is now being scrutinized by a team of consultants who will check the app for “Metro compliance” and recommend any necessary changes. Once that is complete, Microsoft will submit the final version of Office Mobile to the App Store for approval.

While Apple’s productivity apps- Pages, Keynote and Numbers– are perfectly suited for the iPad, work great and are compatible with most PC programs, the general public is not as familiar with iWorks as they are with Microsoft’s Office. This will be a huge boost for both Microsoft and Apple. There is likely still a segment of the business industry that is holding out on incorporating the iPad into their structure because of the lack of Office-related applications.  With the mobility of tablet computing and the usability of Office, the iPad will be a powerhouse of productivity for everyone.

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