Cooking Italian with Giuliano Hazan — iPad App Review

CulinApp specializes in high quality cooking apps for the curious home cook. The developer’s latest offering brings Italian chef and cook book author Giuliano Hazan to the iPad.

Interested users can download Cooking Italian with Giuliano Hazan for free. This iPad-only app includes the recipe for Spaghetti alla Norma, a mouthwatering combination of eggplant and tomato. Cooking Italian’s home screen, however, displays all of the recipes that are available through in-app purchase.

While the app comes with only one recipe, users can watch an intro video, as well as see the ingredient list for all of the available recipes. This set up allows users to know exactly what they are purchasing.

Once it’s time to start cooking there are four different ways to view the recipe. Cookbook view is self-explanatory, though users who prefer this traditional approach will like that they can pop over to the Step by Step presentation if needed.

Visual learners will adore SpinView, which focuses heavily on video. The most innovative presentation was CulinView, which creates a recipe timeline that interweaves equipment and ingredients so you know exactly what to do when. This clear approach is brilliant in its simplicity, and promises to make more complex recipes manageable. Bravo!

In-app purchases can be frustrating for the end user, but Cooking Italian shows that purchasing recipes à la carte might have a place in iOS. The manage recipes menu tab tells the user exactly how much space each recipe requires, which helps anyone whose device is constantly at capacity choose content wisely. Were the recipes sold only as a group, many users might have to forgo the purchase of the entire app because it was too large.

Download Cooking Italian with Giuliano Hazan for free from the App Store. Purchase the entire recipe bundle in-app for $7.99, or download individual recipes for $0.99.

What I liked: Cooking Italian tries multiple ways to impart its recipes to the reader. While one chef might adore CulinView’s graphic presentation, others will find the video-centric SpinView to be most useful. Cooking Italian helps cooks be more comfortable in the kitchen, and its innovative UI should become de rigeur for iOS cooking apps. Users can also jump between the iPad and an Apple TV with one touch, which users with kitchen TVs will likely adore.

What I didn’t like: Nothing! This app is a winner — unless you hate the smell of fresh garlic.

To buy or not to buy: Fans of simple, rustic Italian meals with love Hazan’s food. Any cook, especially gardeners who grow eggplant and tomatoes, should download the free version and give Spaghetti alla Norma a try.

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