Apple Adding New Features to Siri: No Word on iPad Plans

SiriAt the recent D10 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook was quick to respond to criticism regarding Siri. Having first said that Apple has a lot of people working on the project and later that they plan on “doubling down” their efforts on expanding the functionality, there were no details regarding when we can expect to see Siri come out of beta and (better yet) when we can expect to see it on other devices.

Cook did promise we would be “really pleased” with some of the things they have planned for Siri and indicated they have a bunch of cool ideas for what it can do.

Cleverly though, Cook provided nothing in the way of details or information on what that all means –but the teaser does suggest there should be something concrete to discuss (and hopefully play with) very soon.

I know we have all seen the fantastic commercials advertising Siri on the iPhone 4S but for a lot of us, the real conversation goes a little more like this:

Us: Siri, can I use you on my iPad?
Siri: No, I’m sorry about your luck.

Rumors have circulated recently that suggest iOS 6 will actually open Siri up to developers via APIs that would allow them to integrate voice recognition and assistance directly into their apps. Time will tell of course, but this seems like a likely evolution –though I would hope that they get the product well out of beta and rolled out to the iPad before they focus on that addition.

With Apple’s WWDC coming up quick (the keynote has been scheduled for 10:00AM on June 11) there may be more news very soon on the future of iOS which should include some peripheral details regarding Siri. I expect to be on the edge of my seat that morning waiting with Christmas morning style anticipation like I seem to do for all Apple announcements.

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