Yahoo Restructuring Impacts Popular iPad App: Company Kills Livestand

Yahoo’s Livestand, a magazine app that turns photos, articles, and videos from Yahoo into an interactive reading experience, has been put out to pasture due to corporate restructuring.

According to Yahoo’s corporate blog, the Livestand app, which was designed to compete with apps like Flipboard, Zite, and AOL Editions, will be discontinued.

Livestand has only been available for six months, and though the app received four stars in the App Store and “great feedback” from customers, it apparently just wasn’t working out.

“We committed ourselves to continuously measure and scrutinize what’s working and what isn’t. We have learned a lot from Livestand and are actively applying those insights toward the development of future products that are better aligned with Yahoo!’s holistic mobile strategy,” the blog reads.

Yahoo’s Livestand isn’t the only product that will be getting the axe in 2012. Yahoo will be discontinuing or consolidating a number of products over the course of the year, to put Yahoo’s offerings “onto common key platforms and technologies to make everything more scalable and nimble.”

Though Yahoo has made no mention of the other products that it plans to discontinue, it did say that it is planning to focus on a mobile first development model, making innovations for mobile users the company’s top priority.

Yahoo’s new mobile browser and search engine app, Axis, is the first product that Yahoo has released for mobile devices, and thus far, it has enjoyed quite a bit of success, garnering more than 1000 mostly positive reviews within days of release.

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