Must-Have Travel Apps for the Summer

iPad Travel AppsThere is no mistaking that the season for road trips and traveling has begun –and your iPad really does make the perfect companion as you set out on your way. As you consider which apps you should load in preparation for your next vacation, consider our recommendations below.



1. GeocachingGeocaching ($9.99) – While this app is not exclusively an iPad app, it does expand nicely and works as well on your tablet as it does on your iPhone. For those of you not familiar with Geocaching, it is time you looked into it and joined the global treasure hunt. No matter where your travels take you, there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered –I guarantee that once you find your first cache you will be hooked! This app helps you locate caches as well as logging your finds.


2. SpeechTrans Ultimate for iPad Powered By NuanceSpeechTrans Ultimate for iPad Powered By Nuance ($14.99) – If your travels are taking you somewhere that you don’t speak the local language, this app will blow your mind. Trying to read a menu? Type in the text you would like translated. Trying to ask somebody for directions? Let them speak directly into your iPad’s microphone and watch as this app magically translates what they just said. Save translations for repeated use or email recordings or translations to others you are traveling with. Language barriers are no longer a problem I assure you!


3. XE CurrencyXE Currency (Free) – Is your road trip this year taking you across a border? No matter where you travel, XE Currency makes it incredibly simple to see how far your money will go. Whether you are just trying to figure out how much money you will need to exchange before you head off on your trip, or you are standing in a store and need to do a quick conversion to see if your purchase really is a good value, this app will give you peace of mind if nothing else.


4. TripAdvisor Hotels Flights RestaurantsTripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants (Free) – So you are traveling along the highway and land yourself in a new city –where should you eat? stay? TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants is the perfect app for helping you find quality hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Using the ‘Near Me Now’ feature of this app you can use your current location as a proximity guide for anything you are looking for.


5. Packing ProPacking Pro ($2.99) – There isn’t a single one of you who hasn’t forgotten something essential after leaving on a trip at least once (and it is never something that would be easy to replace)! Packing Pro is the closest thing you will get to a personal assistant, with sample packing lists, a fully customizable interface, search capabilities and even list sharing! Get as granular as you like (and need) with this app and never again find yourself halfway to somewhere having forgotten something!


6. Wi-Fi FinderWi-Fi Finder (Free) – I know there are a lot of you out there that use vacation time to get away from it all (including your cell phones and other technology), but for those of us that get the shakes anytime we are away from an Internet connection there is this Wi-Fi Finder. With 650,000 locations across 144 countries, this app is bound to find you free or paid Wi-Fi services no matter where you’ve ended up.


7. iSunBurnHDiSunBurnHD ($0.99) – Whether you just like to stay safe in the sun or you are like me and go from a lovely shade of translucent to a neon shade of red in a matter of minutes, iSunBurnHD is a very useful app that happily gives you the current UV index for virtually any location in the world. By telling you what to expect from the strength of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun at a particular place on a particular day you can help your family be prepared for (safe) fun outdoors.


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