Yahoo! Axis Redefines Search – Features Synchronized iPad Browsing

Does anyone still use Yahoo for searches? I know I haven’t since reigning search king Google took over the Internet, but the Sunnyvale-based search engine company is trying to entice potential searchers with its all new visual search app and browser extension, Yahoo Axis.

So just what is this Yahoo Axis? First and foremost, it’s an iOS app that’s designed for use with the iPad and the iPhone, replacing text-based search results with a visual representation of a web page.

When you search for a term using Axis, the results are displayed in an image carousel for quicker, more intuitive searches. Thanks to an additional browser extension, searches can be synced between multiple devices using the same account. Start a search on your iPhone and pick it up on your laptop with the Axis browser add-on. The browser extension works with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Much like how iCloud shares Safari bookmarks and favorites, Axis accounts can be used to maintain a static list of bookmarks between devices, as well as keep track of items marked to be read later.

Users are able to sign into Yahoo Axis using Facebook, Google+, or a Yahoo account, so getting the app and the browser up and running is a simple task.

The iOS app is a fully featured browser, with tabs for multiple pages and share buttons for social networks like Twitter and Pinterest. The browser extension, while not quite as impressive as the app, adds a search box to the bottom of your browser in the lower left hand corner.

Yahoo Axis presents a fun new way to browse the web, and it’s free to download, so you might as well give it a try. It is currently available for download in the App Store, and is universal, so it works on both the iPad and the iPhone. Let us know what you think of the app – will you be giving up Google, or is Axis just a gimmick?

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