TechCrunch App Brings the Latest Tech News Straight to Your iPad

AOL, the company that owns sites like Engadget, TUAW, and Joystiq, has just come out with an all new app for TechCrunch, it’s leading tech site.

With the new TechCrunch app, entitled TechCrunch – The Inside Story On Innovation, those of you who read the popular tech site can get all of the hottest technology news in a great new format.

The app features all of the content that’s on the TechCrunch website in an easy-to-read magazine-style layout that’s quite similar to the Engadget for iPad app. It has two columns for displaying both recent news stories and trending stories, so you’re sure to catch all of the important news.

TechCrunch’s app is fully integrated with the site’s popular CrunchBase, which provides information on startups, entrepreneurs, and investors.

TechTweets, located on a column to the left of the main news feed, is a Twitter feed that pulls from several different tech sites like AllThingsD,  ArsTechnica, Bloomberg, and TNW, among others.

With the “Save for later” option, you can keep tabs on articles that you’re reading, and a “Share” icon lets you share top stories with your preferred social networks.

If you want to try out the new TechCrunch iPad app, you can find it as a free download in the App Store.

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