Microsoft Rumored to Release Office for iPad This November

We’ve heard whispers of a Microsoft Office iPad app since last year, when The Daily announced that Microsoft was building apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) based on its famous software suite to rival Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

There were rumors that Microsoft would release its series of apps alongside the third generation iPad, after The Daily once again told its readers that Microsoft had already submitted its apps for approval by Apple, meaning they would be coming right around the time the iPad was announced.

That didn’t happen, and Microsoft quickly reamed The Daily for providing inaccurate rumors and speculation. The company claimed that the screenshot that The Daily happened to have was not real, though The Daily maintained that it was.

Now it seems that it’s Microsoft that may have been fibbing about the existence of the apps, rather than The Daily. According to a source that spoke to BGR, Microsoft is indeed planning to release the company’s full Office suite for the iPad, and for Android tablets too.

Microsoft is planning the release for November of this year. BGR’s source has seen the iPad running Microsoft Office, and confirmed that The Daily’s screenshot from February was real, despite Microsoft’s vehement denial.

The app may not be limited to Apple’s iPad – on the loading screen, it says “Office for iOS,” indicating that it may also be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

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