Apple Largest Mobile PC Maker in Q1 Thanks to Strong iPad Sales


According to research done by NPD DisplaySearch, Apple is leading the pack for mobile PC sales due in large part to the over 13.6 million iPads sold to consumers in the first quarter of 2012. This 162 percent year-over-year growth for Apple is quite impressive and contributes to the 17.2 million mobile PCs shipped by the company during this time period.

All of these results add up to a 22.5% mobile PC market share, quite a bit ahead of Hewlett-Packard with 8.9 million units and 11.6% market share and Acer with 6.9 million units translating to a 9% market share.

Apple’s success can be attributed to the increasing popularity of tablets, currently enjoying a 124% growth year-over-year. By comparison, mini notebooks only grew 12% over the same span of time.

NPD DisplaySearch Senior Analyst Richard Shim attributes much of this change to the emerging Chinese market, noting that:

“The China region had sequential quarter shipment growth, achieving 13% for mobile PCs overall, 12% for notebook and mini-note PCs, and 16% for tablet PCs. This is noteworthy given the sequential declines in all other regions as well as the declines in other product categories including TVs and monitors.”

Of course, if you take tablets out of the mix, Hewlett Packard and Acer actually rise above Apple with a great deal of success in their notebook and mini notebook lineups (though MacBook sales did account for the movement of over 3.6 million units during the first quarter of this year as well). Fortunately for Apple, those other devices are seeing their popularity fading fast –with more personal and business users making the move to tablet-style devices in lieu of other portable computers.

This change in consumer demand has companies like Lenovo and Dell with the latter stating that these “alternative mobile computing devices” are negatively impacting their sales and forcing an evolution of their own offerings.

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