Apple iPad Owners – Major U.S. Cable Companies Officially Join Forces with CableWiFi

When the new iPad first hit store shelves, one of the big problems we were seeing was a glutton of 4G usages. Happy owners of Apple’s third-generation tablet were doing stuff like watching March Madness on their iPad in their car instead of streaming it from a wireless hotspot, or connecting to local Wi-Fi. Faster data plans have been a blessing and a curse since the iPad came out. Major cable companies are trying to help their customers save 4G data minutes by offering their own brand of wireless hotspots, dubbed “CableWiFi.”

Five major cable companies have joined together to offer more than 50,000 hotspots across the nation so that subscribers can watch the newest episode of “American Horror Story” without having to use up precious 4G data minutes.

Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable have just announced that they have started implementing a wireless metro Wi-Fi service to more than 50,000 hotspots around the U.S. that will be accessible to their high-speed Internet customers. The first wave of the widespread program has already begun. Bright House Networks and Cablevision launched CableWiFi networks in New York City and central Florida early this month. As the service rolls out, the rest of the cable companies will be added.

“We believe that WiFi is a superior approach to mobile data, and that cable providers are best positioned to build the highest-capacity national network offering customers fast and reliable Internet connections when away from their home or business broadband service,” said Kristin Dolan, Cablevision’s senior executive vice president of product management and marketing. “We’ve built an extensive WiFi network in our own service area, and see real value and potential in other leading providers joining with us to extend that connectivity to major markets across the country.”

Cable high-speed Internet subscribers will be able to look for the CableWiFi network when they venture out into the city and, with a sign-in process using the same credentials as their home network, can access their provider’s cable networks. Basically, if you have high-speed Internet access through one of the five listed cable companies, you’ll be able to essentially take your Wi-Fi with you wherever you go.

Now, iPad users can feel comfortable hunkering down for a two hour HD movie in their local coffee shop and stop worrying about how much of their 4G minutes they are gobbling up. Even new iPad owners that don’t even have 4G-capable devices can take advantage of their cable provider’s generosity to catch up on the latest episode of “Breaking Bad” while hanging out in a CableWiFi hotspot.

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