A Steve Jobs Pet Project – The iCar

We know that Steve Jobs wanted to revolutionize the television industry with an Apple-branded television thanks to Walter Isaacson’s famous biography, but according to Mickey Drexler, CEO of J. Crew and longtime member of Apple’s board of director, Jobs wanted to revolutionize another industry too – automobiles.

Drexler mentioned the former CEO’s ambitions during Fast Company’s recent Innovation Uncensored conference.

“Look at the car industry; it’s a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars?” Drexler said. “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

According to Drexler, if Jobs had designed an Apple-branded iCar, it would have completely changed the car industry. “It would’ve been probably 50% of the market. He never did design it,” added Drexler.

Apple may not be producing an iCar, but it does have a hand in the automobile industry. More and more cars are coming equipped with in-dash iPads and other Apple devices, a trend that’s only going to continue in the future.

If Apple did design a car, what do you think it would end up looking like?

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