Rumor of the Day: LG and AUO Selected to Supply iPad Mini Display

iPad MiniO.K., now things are really getting serious. Rumors coming out of Taiwan say that display panels for the purported iPad mini will be manufactured by LG Display and AU Optronics. When display panel rumors start to fly, you know that some part of it is true. Maybe the device won’t really be as low as $200. Maybe the screen won’t be “ultrathin.” Maybe it will be larger than 8 GB of storage. One thing is most likely for sure; Apple is making a smaller iPad.

The newest report from Macotakara (translated from Google Chrome) is that, in addition to LG Display and AU Optronics being awarded contracts to make 7.85-inch display panels, TPK Holding will be supplying 80 percent of the backlight units, while CHIMEI Innolux will supply the rest. As has been previously reported, the touch sensor film will be provided by Nissha Printing.

Rumors of a smaller iPad have been swarming the Internet lately. Up until a few months ago, I was dismissing the entire notion. Why would Apple make a smaller iPad when the current size is perfect. Now that rumors are coming from the supply chain about exact sizes, touch sensors, display panels and the like, it is hard to ignore the possibility, no the likelihood, of this happening sometime this year. In fact, things are heating up so fast that, I would not be surprised if we don’t start seeing pictures of the actual device within the next month.

[Via: Apple Insider]

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  • lorygil

    Rumors are that devs won’t have to worry about redesigning their apps for the mini because the screen will be the same size as the first and second generation iPad.