iSwifter Brings Facebook Games to iPad

If you haven’t heard of it, iSwifter is a cloud-based platform that allows game publishers to stream games to the iPad, bringing new previously PC-only and flash gaming titles to iOS.

Today, the company announced that it plans to supplement the Facebook experience by providing mobile device owners with an app to play all of those flash-based Facebook games like Farmville and Frontierville.

The app, called “theWorx for Facebook,” will look a lot like Facebook’s own app. Ads will appear on the right had side, and Facebook games will be streamed using iSwifter’s cloud-based streaming platform. Users will also be able to access payments using Facebook credits, as well as other non-game apps through the App Hub within the app. Users will use their iTunes accounts to buy access to game streaming.

“It’s clear that Facebook users are moving to mobile faster than even Facebook predicted,” said Rajat Gupta, founder of iSwifter. “theWorx is intended to benefit Facebook users who can’t play games on the Facebook iPad app or on the mobile Facebook site, as well as Facebook itself who doesn’t display their ads to these gaming users on mobile. And of course game developers should be happy too because their Facebook Flash games now come to the iPad with no porting required.”

Facebook users have long been seeking a way to play Facebook’s ultra popular games on their mobile devices, but will iSwifter hold up when Facebook releases its own App Center, later this year?

Reportedly, the Facebook App Center will function similarly, and it will function on the iPad and the iPhone as well. In the mean time, theWorx is a good alternative. Will you be downloading iSwifter’s new app to play Facebook games on your mobile device?

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