Watch the Olympics Via BBC’s Live Olympics Video Stream With Pause, Rewind, Alerts

The Summer Olympics have lost their excitement over the past decade or so. Lets face it, if its not gymnastics or swimming, people just don’t care anymore. One reason might be due to television being so segmented that it becomes harder and harder to get good coverage of all the events.

London is doing something about it for 2012. Not only will viewers be able to watch every event of the Summer Olympics from a live streaming website, but viewers will be able to interact with what they are watching with pause, rewind, alerts, social media connection and other fun features.

According to The Verge, the new browser-based player will offer integrated data-driven profiles of athletes, as well as clickable alerts that will take you to other streaming events when key moments are happening. The BBC’s current “iPlayer” will be updated to allow up to 3.5Mbps to stream content for superfast connectivity.

The BBC will stream more than 2,500 hours of content across 24 British television channels. Plans to create dedicated apps for iOS and Android area in the works. However, the BBC will provide a mobile version of its video website on other platforms.

Unfortunately, due to certain rights agreements, the BBC iPlayer is not available in the U.S. at this time. BBC Worldwide has launched iPad apps in Australia, Canada, Europe, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Maybe the corporation will make an exception for us Yanks and make a dedicated BBC Summer Olympics app for the iPad. Otherwise, you can just watch the 2012 Olympics via NBC’s upcoming tablet app. So there, BBC.

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