These 10 Countries Love to Browse the Web From Their iPads

Website monitoring service Pingdom recently used its web-browsing data from its StatCounter (based on visitor stats from more than three million sites) to determine the ten most iPad friendly countries in the world, and the results might just surprise you.

According to the data, Singapore is the country that loves the iPad the most, followed by Brunei, Angola, and Nigeria.

In Singapore, the iPad has a 7.06 percent share of desktop web browsing, while Brunei and Angola are both just under 6 percent. In the fourth place country, Nigeria, the iPad has a 5.28 percent browsing share.

Australia, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Bahamas, and Hong Kong make up the remaining top ten on the list.

Of course, this list is browser based only, and does not take into account other iPad activities like app use or gaming, but when it comes to browsing, the above countries love to look at the web on their tablets.

Pingdom also looked at the data by region, where Oceania is in a clear lead when it comes to iPad web browsing with 4.85 percent, followed by North America with 3.36 percent, Europe with 2.25 percent, and Asia with 1.36 percent. Africa came in with just 1.13 percent, while the iPad is least used for web browsing in South America, with 0.55 percent.

In total, the iPad accounted for 2.22 percent of all desktop web traffic, while Android tablets accounted for just 0.33 percent.

Does this data surprise you? Do you choose your iPad over your computer? Personally, I tend to reach for my iPad more often now that it has the ultra readable Retina display. Is your experience the same?

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