Chillingo’s Commando Jack Gets Ready to Hit the App Store

Colossal Games has recently teamed up with Chillingo to create a tower defense game with an added level of first-person shooter (FPS) excitement. Commando Jack was previewed at this year’s EA Showcase and gamers have been on the edge of their seat, waiting for its release. The wait is almost over. This one-of-a-kind 3D action game will be headed to the App Store this Spring.

Commando Jack is much more than just a tower defense game. It combines the wave attack- style game play with FPS action. Players are equipped with a multitude of weapons, including turrets, grenade launchers, a nuclear bomb and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to help guide the attack.

There are nine different alien types that react differently according to player’s attack. For example, there is a Kamikaze alien that “walks towards Commando Jack cradling a belt of grenades, but once its nearly dead, enraged, it runs faster towards Jack, with its arms flailing in the air, leaving its grenades open to gunfire.”

Game Features:

  • MULTI-ZOOM: Zoom in and out of the battlefield
  • 5 LOCATIONS: Can you save London, New York, Paris, Tokyo & Cairo?
  • 4 BESPOKE DIFFICULTY MODES: every level is customized for each difficulty
  • 26 WEAPONS: Five defense towers, three guns, both with three upgrades each and two super weapons at your disposal
  • IN-GAME PERKS: Increase gun power, turret power or build points
    • 5 interactive enemies; target and expose their weak points
    • 2 interactive bosses, will you destroy the Mothership’s booster jets first, or go for its eye straight away?
    • 1 mechanical flying shark (sorry lasers not included)
    • 1 sniper
  • ENDLESS MODE: How long will you survive?
  • SHOP: Buy new weapons, perks etc or upgrade your existing arsenal
  • HUGE boss fights
  • 20+ HOURS GAMEPLAY: Can you unlock everything?
  • 44 Achievements and leaderboards
  • Amazing sound and music by BAFTA award winning team.

The game is expected to hit the App Store this Spring. There is no information at this time as to how much it will cost.

Check out the video below for a quick teaser trailer for Commando Jack. If you can’t see the video, click here for a direct link to the clip on YouTube.

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