Apple Defends Siri in Lawsuit, Says It’s ‘Not Perfect’ but Still ‘Cutting Edge’

SiriApple has recently come under fire by a handful of people that claim the company misrepresented what the virtual assistant can do and are seeking a class action lawsuit based on false advertising. Apple whipped right back at the disgruntled, sue-happy bunch by stating that Siri may not be perfect, but she’s still cutting edge.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the plaintiffs are claiming that the iPhone 4S commercials and statements about Siri are false and misleading and “does not perform as advertised.” In a recent court filing, Apple responded to those allegations with a motion to dismiss the case.

The motion states that the plaintiffs “do not tell the Court how Siri’s operation allegedly differs from any particular representation they relied on.” The group is accused of only offering general and vague descriptions of their disappointment. The statement points out that every one of the plaintiffs claimed that they were unhappy with their purchase “soon after” but failed to take advantage of Apple’s 30-day return policy or one-year warrant, which is still in effect.

Apple calls attention to the fact that Siri is still under development, referring to the October 4, 2011 product announcement where it is called a “beta.” It is noted that, at that press event, the presenter specifically notes that users “can’t ask Siri everything and it’s not perfect.”

The plaintiffs are being accused of taking “an alleged personal grievance about the purported performance of a popular product and turning it into a nationwide class-action under California’s consumer protection status.”

It looks like these guys thought they could play with the big dogs, but got their tails handed to them with a couple of well-written proverbial facepalms by Apple.

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