Apple iPad Mini to Feature Ultra-Thin Display?

iPad MiniAccording to a report from DigiTimes today, the rumored iPad mini that may be on its way to store shelves this fall will use thin-film touch technology for its display screen, making it thinner and lighter and less expensive than other models.

Materials for the thin-film technology, called G/F2, will reportedly be coming from Notto, while the touchscreens themselves will be supplied by Nissha Printing and TPK. Wintek will not be supplying parts for the iPad mini due to not having the thin-film technology.

From DigiTimes:

Using the G/F2 design will help reduce costs and will also make the iPad Mini thinner than previous iPad models since it will have one less layer of film than the G/F/F (glass/film/film) structure, according to sources. The G/F2 structure places the electrode on the top and bottome ends of the ITO film, which will then be laminated onto the cover glass.

The iPad mini will purportedly be “more transparent” and good sensitivity. Apparently, there has been skepticism in the industry that thin-film touch panels do not perform well.

If this information is true, it lends credence to an earlier report that the rumored iPad mini will cost less than $250.

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  • geekfori

    Not sure I am buying this rumor. If it gets any thinner the screen will get shattered a lot easier.