Taiwanese Vendors Build Specialized Plants for New iPad and iPhone

According to a recent posting by DigiTimes, Taiwan is gearing up for a huge manufacturing boost from Apple and to make sure the country has enough manpower, dedicated plants are being built to solely produce parts and components for Apple products.

Interestingly, the post specifically mentions the rumored iPad mini that is set to hit store shelves later this year.

From DigiTimes:

Manufacturers such as Catcher Technology, Taiwan Surface Mount Technology (TSMT), Radiant, and Coretronic are planning to construct plants in preparation of Apple’s new 7.85 inch iPad as well as increasing orders with the company’s next generation iPhone, according to sources.

Apple has made its mark in the technology industry, selling approximately 35 million iPhone and 12 million iPads during the first quarter of 2012. The iPad dominates the market with nearly 70 percent of the share. Although that number has dwindled since last year at this time, the sources for DigiTimes claim that Apple’s sales will continue to bring increasing operations and profits for Taiwanese manufactures later this year as the company releases “the next big thing.”

The post at DigiTimes also notes that display panel manufacturers will see added competition as tablets featuring Android 4.0 and Windows 8 flood the market. According to the sources, tablets and ultrabooks are expected to do well and generate large profits this year. Additionally, the cost of ultrabooks is expected to drop in 2013, which will increase orders for parts suppliers in the industry.

If the information is true, it makes sense that manufacturers would attempt to woo Apple with plants that are dedicated solely to assembling products for them. The newest generation iPad saw back order wait times that exceeded three weeks. Having a factory that did nothing but make iPads and iPhones would surely help combat any unexpected issues that may cause device production to slow. Maybe we won’t have to wait a month for the iPad mini to ship this year.

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