OtterBox Updates Popular iPad Defender Case in Five Fun Colors

OtterBox cases are already known for their extreme protection, keeping your iPad safe from all sorts of drops and spills, but now they’ll also be known for their fashion, since the company has released them in five new colors.

The Defenders Series cases for the new iPad and the iPad 2 can now be pre-ordered in five color combinations, including Hornet: yellow polycarbonate with black silicone, Deep Sea: blue polycarbonate with black silicone, Alpenglow: pink polycarbonate with gray silicone, Crevasse: white polycarbonate with gray silicone, and Sea Green: teal polycarbonate with gray silicone.

If you’re unfamiliar with OtterBox’s Defender Series, they are rugged cases with a built-in screen protector and a high-impact polycarbonate shell with foam interior to provide the maximum amount of protection for your device.

An outer silicone layer adds durability, impact absorption, and makes the case easier to grip. It’s the perfect solution for those of you who have young kids or those of you who work in environments that may be dangerous for devices, like construction, because it’s guaranteed to prevent breaks and dust intrusion.

The new OtterBox Defender cases for the iPad can be pre-ordered from the OtterBox website for $89.95.

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