Google Takes a Page from Apple – Adds Game Center Feature to Android App Store

As it turns out, Google likes Apple’s Game Center so much that it’s decided to create one of its own, adding a native Android app that will connect players together much like the iOS version.

Google’s software will include an achievement system, giving people awards and trophies for completing in game goals and milestones, plus a leaderboard to rank players against other players.

Right now, Android developers are relegated to third party achievement tracking apps like OpenFeint and Crystal, but Google has come to realize the role that Apple’s Game Center played in making iOS games so popular with iPhone and iPad owners.

It’s unknown if the new gaming app will use Google+ as a friend finding backbone, but integration is a likely prospect.

Google is also planning to use ideas from Apple to fix the payments system for Google Play, which is Google’s own app store, making purchasing an app as easy as it is in the Apple App Store.

With its very own gaming hub app and easier purchases, Google may be able to experience some of the same success that Apple’s App Store has enjoyed.

[via Business Insider]

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