Type in Style With Touchtype — A Kickstarter Project

Salman Sajid thinks the world needs another iPad case. This Kickstarter might actually be right.

Sajid recently launched a Kickstarter project to fund the Touchtype, a case for the iPad that integrates the tablet with Apple’s wireless keyboard.

If funded the Touchtype promises to make typing on an iPad as easy as it is on an iMac or laptop. The case transforms into a stand that works whether the typists has the iPad in portrait or landscape orientation. It is compatible with all three versions of the iPad.

Sajid’s decision to house the keyboard below the iPad rather than on top of it protects the iPad’s delicate surface and gives the case a shallower profile that is ideal for iPad users who value portability.

The Touchtype looks professional enough for the business world, but still carry’s an iPad in style.

Interested backers can currently pledge $47 to receive a gray polyurethane Touchtype case. A pledge of $85 will earn backers a Touchtype case in espresso leather, or $95 for a black leather version.

Does this sound like the iPad case you’ve been yearning for? If so, there’s still plenty of time to back the Touchtype. The Kickstarter funding period ends on June 7, 2012, with delivery of the Touchtype estimated by September 2012 for all backers, and as early as July for early adopters.

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