Top iPad Accessories for Mom this Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's DayI know that most of you are good little sons, daughters and husbands and you are already prepared for Mother’s Day; the perfect gift for Mom wrapped and ready for next Sunday.

If this doesn’t describe you and the hunt is still on for the the perfect thing to give Mom this year, consider a new accessory for her iPad.


1. GelaSkinGelaSkin ($29.95) – GelaSkins provide a beautiful way to protect and decorate your iPad, whether you choose one of the pre-printed patterns like Monet’s Artists Garden at Giverny or a custom design from any image you choose (consider a special photograph from your family collection). Using 3M technology for easy application and clean removal, GelaSkins are incredibly thin (less than 1mm) and offer tough scratch protection. My favorite feature is the ability to download matching wallpaper.


2. FitFolioSpeck FitFolio ($39.95) – If you think your mother would prefer a folio style case for her iPad, you do not need to look any further than Speck’s FitFolio. With a sleek and form-fitting design, the FitFolio has a protective padded cover, soft microsuede interior, and a custom hard-shell cradle (not to mention that it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns that are sure to make any mother happy).


3. ZaggFolioZAGGfolio ($99.99) – When it comes to cases with integrated keyboards, there are plenty of choices but none with the class and style of the ZAGGfolio. Sleek and stylish, the keyboard is actually removable from the case if you choose to place it further away or at a different angle from the iPad while typing. The keyboard connects to the iPad using Bluetooth and has a rechargeable battery, though it can easily survive for several months on a single charge.


4. BelkinBelkin Fridge Mount ($39.99) – Everybody in the home has a place for their things except for mom. Whether your mother would love to have her recipes visible at eye level in the kitchen or you just think she could enjoy having a digital frame or extra screen for watching videos, the Belkin Fridge Mount is exceptional. Using 3M adhesives, this mount holds the iPad steady and firm without the need for permanent fixtures or hardware.


5. Targus CleanVuTargus CleanVu ($13.99) – Most mom’s have spent a good portion of their lives cleaning fingerprints off of every surface, why should the iPad be any different? Whether they are hers or she graciously lets others play with her tablet, the Targus CleanVu cleaning pads can prove to be a very worthwhile little tool. Coming in packs of 3, these pads are reusable and do not require the use of any kind of cleaning solution. With a faux-leather finish and a built-in handle on the back, on-screen smudges can quickly become a memory.


6. mophiemophie juice pack powerstation ($79.95) – The battery life on the iPad isn’t bad, but if your mom loves to read or watches a lot of video content (or has an addiction to her Zynga zoo) she may appreciate having a backup for some extra power when it isn’t handy to get plugged into a wall socket. The mophie juice pack powerstation is a very portable external battery that can easily be used to charge up an iPad in your mother’s time of need.


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    Really such a great iPad accessory. If you will send these gifts then your mom will be really surprised. Even though she never thinks this kind of gifts before.