iPad Hits it Big with British Parliament

After a successful pilot program testing the effect of tablets in government, the 650 members of the British parliament will each be getting their very own iPad.

While that sounds like an expensive initiative, the House of Commons commission, who initiated the study, expects that it will save the government quite a bit of money by reducing paperwork and increasing productivity.

Handing an iPad out to each MP will cost British taxpayers between $418,000 and $690,000, with each individual device costing between $644 at minimum and $1062 at maximum.

Currently, MPs receive an allocation of three desktop computers and two laptops, for personal and staff use. More than 70 have already claimed iPads on their expenses.

Beginning in May, each MP on the select committee (approximately 350 of 650) will be given an iPad with no strings attached. The remaining 300 will need to trade in an older laptop or computer to receive one of the devices.

If just 100 turn in an old laptop, it could save more than $80,000, reducing the cost of the iPad initiative. The old equipment will be used to replace even older equipment used by staff in the House Service.

British Prime Minister David Cameron also employs an iPad in his daily work, complete with a personalized iPad app developed by the Cabinet Office.

[via TechWeek Europe]

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