Google Revamps Google+ iPhone App, Still no iPad App in Sight

Google recently updated its Google+ iPhone app, in an effort to turn the app into a mobile social experience that’s both “more intimate, and more expressive,” with a simpler, easy-to-use design.

In an effort to make content a more immersive, “rich carousel of beloved memories and breaking news,” Google has added crisper fonts, larger profile pictures, and a friendlier homescreen, plus new overlays and gradients to make the Google+ stream easier to view.

Stream navigation has also been updated, with performance in mind, adding conversations that fall into view as you move forward and backward in time and optical cues, and moving important actions like +1 to the top of the stream, making it easier to like your favorite posts.

The previous iteration of the Google+ iPhone app was unimpressive, and its App Store reviews reflect that. This new version, however, provides a much improved browsing experience, which may be enough to attract users back to the platform.

With the new app you’ll see photos front and center in your stream, with a text overlay that provides more space, and clicking a post with a photo or video will fill the screen. It looks good. Really good.

In the blog post explaining the new iPhone updates, there’s no mention of the release of a Google+ iPad app, so us iPad users are out of luck once again. Will Google ever add a tablet app? While I appreciate the new “sensory” update, I’d rather experience it full-screen on the gorgeous display of the third generation iPad.

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  • Brian Hemgesberg

    I found a way to get the google+ iPad app. But the iPad needs to be jailbroken and you need ifile to make it work. If anyone is interested email me @