Clean Your Slate with Tabü Duo Erasing Stylus — Kickstarter Project

The Tabü Duo might be the first capacitive stylus for digital devices that cleans up after itself. This double-ended stylus sports an eraser! “You can write and erase with just one simple flip, without having any unnecessary distractions,” said Kevin So, product engineer of the Tabü product line.

At present the stylus only erases when used with the as-yet unreleased iOS app Tabü Paper, but the creators of this Kickstarter project plan to make the stylus compatible with most popular iOS note taking apps. When released Tabü Paper will be free, but will likely resemble PaperDesk, the developer’s current note taking iOS app.

Key features of the Tabü Duo include:

  • Double tipped, write and erase naturally
  • Triangular precision writing tip and Customized eraser tip for “tabü paper” apps
  • Anodized Aluminum Housing, trendy and durable material that perfectly matches your iPad or iPhone
  • Triangular Body for Ergonomics and Comfort

This intriguing stylus will only be manufactured if the creators meet their $30K fundraising goal on Kickstarter.

The first 200 backers will receive the silver version of this stylus for a pledge of $20. For a pledge of $25, backers can choose one stylus in silver, black, or blue. Shipping is free in the US, but $10 to ship internationally.

Interested backers have until June 2, 2012 to help make this project a reality. The stylus’ creators expect to deliver the styli to all backers by August 2012.

While the idea of a stylus that erases is appealing, I’m not sure if we’ll see the full value of the Tabü Duo until it is compatible with the majority of note taking apps. Note taking users are a heterogeneous bunch, and they won’t be satisfied if their stylus of choice works only with one iOS app.

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