Survey Finds High Consumer Demand for Rumored iPad Mini

iPad MiniIt would sure be nice if Apple would give us some kind of hint regarding their intentions for the production of a mini version of the iPad.

We’ve heard a rumor or two on the topic and even argued why it might make sense, and now a survey conducted during the last week of April this year by PriceGrabber (a part of Experian) endeavors to evaluate the interest of 2,603 U.S. online shopping consumers in a smaller form-factor iPad.

The results of the survey were not entirely surprising with 52% of respondents indicating they would be interesting in purchasing an iPad Mini. When asked what they would be willing to pay for such a device, just over half at 52% would be satisfied by a price point in the USD $249-$300 range. 22% of respondents indicated they already own a tablet and well over half of them at 68% actually have an iPad already (only 10% have the Kindle Fire by comparison).

The survey also demonstrated that a key reason for interest in a smaller iPad is related to cost, though many were also interested in the increased portability. It also appeared that the smaller tablet would be perceived as a better gift while many also felt that they would need to own one because they love the existing iPad so much they couldn’t resist another version.

The survey revealed that while consumers are prepared to sacrifice size with a smaller screen, they still expect very full-featured devices. Those surveyed indicated that they wanted to see it have a Retina display, 3G connectivity, Siri integration, be less expensive, thinner and some expect it to come hand in hand with another major upgrade to iOS (from the current version 5 to a yet-to-be-announced version 6).

The good news for those high expectations is that Apple tends to keep a certain level of consistency across devices, even when they differ by form factor.

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