iPad Accounts for 95% of all Tablet Web Traffic

When we think of a “tablet” it’s an iPad that comes to mind for most of us, not a Motorola Xoom, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or some other Android-based device.

Apple’s iPad has been so successful that it’s become synonymous with the word tablet, and more than 70 million of the devices have been sold to date. So it should come as no surprised to all of us that when it comes to tablet web traffic, Apple’s iPad reigns supreme.

According to a new study by Chitika, Apple’s iPad accounted for 94.64 percent of all tablet based traffic. That’s an impressively large number, but it’s even more amazing when you compare the next closest competitor – Samsung’s Galaxy tab.

For every 100 iPad impressions, ad network Chitika serves up slightly more than one ad to a Samsung Galaxy tablet, giving the Tab it a 1.22 percent share of tablet web traffic. The Asus Transformer Prime is slightly behind the Galaxy Tab at 1.20 percent.

The Motorola Xoom and the Playbook came in third and fourth with 0.90 and 0.81 percent respectively, while the Kindle Fire was fifth with 0.80 percent. The Barnes and Noble Nook tablet brought up the rear, with a 0.53 percent traffic share.

To be fair, the Kindle Fire and the Nook are marketed as media consumption tools rather than devices for web browsing, but the iPad’s lead is still remarkable. As consumers, we’re buying up iPads, and we’re putting those iPads to use, much more so than their Android counterparts.

As Chitika says, it’s going to be tough for a competing tablet to unseat the iPad’s top spot. “Not only does [Apple] offer a great product, they have the undying devotion of their enthusiasts.”

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