Continue the Star Wars Day Celebration With Star Wars Pit Droids

Friday was a big day for Star Wars fans. If you spent any time on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Star Wars Pit Droid is an extension of what we all loved about one of the best movies ever made. Although its characters are those clumsy mechanized workers instead of the scoundrel with a heart of gold, this game still stirs up happy memories of the first time I cried while watching Chewie let out a mournful howl when they closed the blaster doors, leaving Han outside on the frozen planet of Hoth. To Celebrate Star Wars Day, LucasArts has dropped the price of this charming game to free.

Star Wars Pit Droid is a puzzle game that has players redirecting the little robots to their destination. The game starts with a small cinematic clip of Watto explaining how he needs your help getting the pit droids to the arena. It turns out that, without being told where to go, the brainless scamps will just walk into walls or crash into each other.


Players must tap a tile on the grid that produces an arrow. Set the arrows to the direction that the droid should go and he will follow the path. As levels progress, so does the difficulty in figuring out how to get the droids from point A to point B. There are droids of different colors that must be directed along different paths, obstacles that only certain colored droids can get through, and all manner of things to complicate the process. In addition, points are scored on how few arrows you lay down to create a path, so you want to be as efficient as possible.


This is a fantastic game and I’m not just saying that because I love Star Wars so much. The design is top-quality. The majority of iPad games are lacking some of the little extras that were so awesome in console games, like having a character look at his watch impatiently if you didn’t move him for 30 seconds. The pit droids in this game will shake their fists at you, tap their feet or look around confusedly if you don’t keep them moving. It’s the little things that matter.

What I liked: The design of the game is what makes it so special. The graphics are great and the Star Wars theme just tickles me.

What I didn’t like: I wish it was based on Episode IV, but that’ll never happen.

To buy or not to buy: For the low price of free, you can transport yourself to the dusty planet that, if there were a center of the universe, it would be the furthest from.  May the Fourth… I mean Force, be with you.

  • App Name: Star Wars Pit Droids
  • Version Reviewed: 1.3.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: LucasArts
  • Price: Regularly priced at $1.99, Free until Sunday, May 6
  • Score:


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