Logitech’s New Folio Provides Solar Power to the iPad

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

If you have ever muttered a single complaint over the battery life of your iPad, Logitech has the answer with their new Solar Keyboard Folio case. Equal parts protection and power, this new case harnesses the light around you (low light and lamp light, indoors and out) to give your iPad the juice it needs to keep on going (even in completely darkness).

At first glance, the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio looks like any other case of this type. Offering both back and front protection for your iPad, you can easily move your device from place to place without worrying about it as you slide it in and out of your bag (and yes, it takes advantage of the instant on and off feature with the requisite magnet in the screen flap). It also supports mutiple viewing angles and a full keyboard (that connects using Bluetooth for extended typing situations (without being bulky or heavy).

The amazing part comes as a result of a series of dye-sensitized solar cells that charge a series of rechargeable NiMh batteries within the case. On a full charge, with an average use of 2 hours a day, Logitech claims you can be using your iPad for 2 years without having to top up the batteries! While the need for years between charges may be a little extreme, it is good news for those that use their iPads for presentations and other media-heavy apps that seem to drink power.

The design of the case is very clever with the solar panels facing outward whether you have the case open or closed which makes charging it really convenient. It also leaves the regular iPad dock connector accessible so you can charge your device the old fashioned way too.

The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio can already be preordered directly from the Logitech website for USD $129.99.

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