Facebook Messenger Native iPad App Coming Soon

It took Facebook a year and a half to finally launch an official iPad app, much to the chagrin of the social networking public. The company released a dedicated chat app back in August of 2011 and some of us figured the iPad version would take just as long to become a reality.

Well, it isn’t here quite yet, but 9to5Mac has seen proof of its existence, and it looks like it is close to completion.

According to a “reliable source” close to 9to5Mac, Facebook Messenger for the iPad is basically a larger version of the iPhone app. It includes one-to-one messaging, group chatting, push notifications, friend locator and more.

The app is still in early development stages. However, it is currently being actively developed with new builds being readied often. Facebook Messenger for the iPad will allow users to chat with friends in an uncluttered chat window so that the only thing they will have to focus on is conversations.

In addition to Facebook Messenger, the source told 9to5Mac that the company is also working on an updated version of Facebook Messenger for the iPhone that will include Skype video chat support. The update is scheduled to launch this summer. Future plans are to make the iPhone app universal, but those plans are still far off.

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