Just Like Australia, UK After Apple for New iPad 4G Claims

Apple was recently under fire in Australia for advertising the new iPad with 4G capability when it was not compatible with the networks in that country. After some rewording and clarification, Apple changed the description on the Australian online store. However, to this day, Apple still calls the model “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G” for some unknown reason. The company’s stubbornness about the name of the model is stirring up problems in the UK as well.

According to an article today by the BBC, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is looking into complaints that Apple is misleading consumers with the name “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.”Just like Australia, the UK does not have widespread 4G capability. When it does, the coverage will not be compatible with the new iPad.

The ASA has already worked with Apple to resolve some of the earlier issues with 4G advertising. The BBC quoted a letter that was sent to one complainant which stated that Apple, “have advised us that no further reference to the 4G capabilities of the iPad will be made on their UK website.” But apparently, the regulator is still getting “dozens of complaints.”

What it comes down to, is the name. The same thing happened in Australia. Apple made all the necessary changes to clarify that the model was not 4G capable, but they won’t change the name from iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Maybe the company went through a lot of trouble and spent a lot of money to trademark the name “iPad Wi-Fi + 4G” or something. Whatever the reason, Apple sure is putting the company through a lot of stress just because they are determined to keep the name. They should have just called it “Superfast.”

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