Apple Pulls the Plug on Chomp’s Android App Discovery Service

Back in February, Apple purchased the app search and discovery platform Chomp. The San Francisco-based start-up used a proprietary algorithm to learn the function and topic of apps, allowing users to search based on app functionality in addition to app name.

While Apple hasn’t yet incorporated Chomp’s technology into it’s iTunes app search engine, it has already shut down Chomp for Android.

Before Apple acquired Chomp, the site allowed users to search for both Android and iOS apps, but now the Android section has been eliminated, allowing users to search only for iPad or iPhone apps.

Though Android apps have been removed, the rest of the site is still functioning in largely the same way. Users are able to search for apps or view app lists like “Free Apps of the Day,” “Trending Apps,” “On Sale,” and “New Apps.”

If you haven’t yet tried Chomp, it’s a great app acquisition site. You can visit it from your computer at, or download the Chomp iPhone app from the App Store.

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  • araczynski

    too bad it throws in all the iphone games that are compatible with ipad when i search for ipad games.