Comfe Hands Help Ipad Users Get a Grip – Ipad Gear Review

The idea behind Comfe Design’s new Comfe Hands is so simple it’s almost genius. It’s not that there haven’t been similar products designed to help people who find it uncomfortable to hold the iPad for long periods of time, it’s just that there hasn’t been one that’s so simple.

Comfe Hands consist of two separate pieces of curved, molded plastic –both outfitted with deep grooves into which you can slide the corners of any iPad 2 or new iPad. It can be used in portrait or landscape mode and you can also just use one at a time depending on your preference. The philosophy, according to the company’s web site, is that “organic shapes are easier to grasp because the human hand fits a rounded surface.”

But even if you aren’t particularly concerned with ergonomics, Comfe Hands is a nice accessory because it can also be used as an incline or vertical stand, or even  a protective bumper with one on each side.

The grips can also serve as a nice downtime accessory, particularly in bed–the pieces are thick enough so that you can let the iPad rest comfortably against your body–but still be elevated enough to see the screen clearly as you read, watch a video, etc.

Comfe Hands normally retail for $49.95 and are available in both a right-handed and left-handed configuration. They’re on sale now through Mother’s Day (May 13th) for 40% off.  (Discount will be applied at check-out on Amazon.)

What I liked: The grooves that grip the iPad are smooth–they won’t scratch your screen. And, once they click into place, they stay there. The design is simple yet very sturdy. The Comfe Hands feel very solid and well-made.

What I didn’t like: That solidity means the Comfe Hands also means that the grips are on the heavier side–together, the two grips weigh just under 10 ounces. I had no problems sitting and using the product but they feel heavy after standing with them for awhile. Also, although the two grips can, in theory, hold an iPad in a vertical, upright position, I did find it a little difficult to get it balanced so it would stay standing.

To buy or not to buy: If you have ergonomic issues or are looking for a simple yet reliable way to hold your iPad (or work it as a stand for casual use), then this is definitely a good buy.

  • Accessory Name: Comfe Hands
  • Category: TK
  • Manufacturer: Comfe Design
  • Price: $49.95 (but on sale now for 40% off)
  • Score:

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