Apple Wins Multiple Patents for iPad Smart Cover, iTunes Store and More

Patently Apple recently reported that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published official patent grants to Apple, Inc. for 25 patents covering security, networking design and more.

Some of the highlights include the iTunes Store, Time Machine and the iPad Smart Cover. I guess all those accessory makers will have to stop making their own version of a Smart Cover now.

Patent 8,166,508 is related to rentals from the iTunes Store. This is the second iTunes Store-related patent that Apple has been granted over the past two weeks. This particular patent covers a content rental system with one data store for rentals and a server for transferring content to the receiver, as well as authorization for the receiver to transfer content between devices.


Patent 8,166,415 is related to Apple’s OS X Time Machine software covering methods and user interface. From Patently Apple:

In one implementation, a method is provided. The method includes receiving, while a current view is displayed in a user interface, a first user input requesting that a backup interface be displayed. In response to the first user input, the transition from displaying the current view in the user interface to displaying the backup interface is animated. The backup interface is displayed including a display area for presenting at least a first visual representation of an earlier version of the current view, where the earlier version includes a first element. While the backup interface is displayed, a second user input is received requesting that the current view be modified according to the earlier version. In response to the second user input, the current view is modified according to the earlier version.


There were five patents among the 25 that were related to design. One was for a display counter for Apple Retail stores. This display counter is not yet in stores. One was for the design of the Newsstand icon that is specific to Apple. There was also a patent granted for a power adaptor and the iMac’s distinct design. Finally, Apple was granted a patent for the design of their Smart Cover. Interestingly, I’ve seen a lot of iPad covers made by accessory makers not affiliated with Apple who have used the Smart Cover design. I wonder if Apple will be sending any patent infringement letters to all those crafters on Etsy who make their own Smart Covers?

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