(Almost) Turn Your iPad Into a MacBook with Brydge

BrydgeIf you’ve ever wondered about the overlap in functionality between a MacBook and an iPad, and what it would take to turn your tablet into the laptop alternative you’d love it to be, the Brydge Kickstarter project may just be the accessory you need.

Promising to turn your iPad into a high-quality laptop, Brydge is a new take on the keyboard cases we have all seen before.

Let’s face it, there are a million cases out there with built-in keyboards that extend the usefulness of your iPad. The Brydge is more than that, delivering an experience that feels entirely like using an actual laptop. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, featuring optional stereo speaker and a patent-pending click-in hinge (that promises 180 degrees of iPad positioning). It is this hinge that holds your iPad securely using the forces of friction and magnetism, making it more than a little ledge that your tablet can rest on –and keeps your iPad safe even if the unit is closed (and before you ask, yes it will sleep and wake your iPad automatically).

The keyboard syncs via Bluetooth so there are no wires and plugs and charges easily through a USB connection.

Eager investors have poured in to back this kickstarter project, with the requisite $90,000 funding goal now easily reached (and set to be delivered on June 4, 2012 with lots of extra dollars to spare). Early adopters giving $150 or more will receive a copy of the new Brudge without speakers for the donation (plus the cost of shipping). For those giving USD $180, a version of the Brydge with speakers will be headed their way. For something a little more special, a donation of $250 qualifies an investor for the limited edition model that not only has speakers but is laser engraved withthe model number (the corresponds to your donation number, so the first to donate will proudly display #1). If your pockets have a little more jingle and you’d like to toss $1000 or more into the ring, there are additional incentives like gold laser etching with your name, retail starter kits and distributor kits.

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    Looks pretty nice.  The final cost will have to be well below $200 for it to really survive past the kick-start stage, but definitely worth waiting for.