Educate Your Own Geek-in-Training with My Little Geek ABC Book – iPad App Review

My Little Geek ABC BookFinally, there is a developer who understands what life is like in my version of the world: A… is for Android, B… is for Binary and C… is for Caffine (and before you ask, yes Z… is for Zombie!). Use the My Little Geek ABC Book to find the perfect opportunity to explain a Rube Goldberg machine to your geek-in-training or to describe why the O on this book is for “Owned”.

Nerd parents love nothing more than sharing their passions for holographic ninjas or time traveling joysticks with their children… don’t miss your chance.

The background music that plays while you navigate through this book will remind you of the incredibly awesome (and seemingly timeless) science fiction movies you remember watching when you were a kid.

It will also seem fitting that this app takes advantage of the iPad’s gyroscope allowing you to tilt and twist your device to see the illustrations float around the screen. It would seem impossible to have an app that appeals to geeks without taking advantage of the more 3-dimensional features of the tablet.

My Little Geek ABC Book Screenshot

What I liked: I love that my three year old will learn what it means to be l33t.

What I didn’t like: My only complaint is that this app could use a little more meat. Each letter of the alphabet only has a single word or phrase associated and there is no other text to the book itself –it would have been nice if there were additional options for each letter or other activities included, as I hate that it was over so quickly.

To buy or not to buy: It is never too early to ignite an interest in Quantum Mechanics, so if you are trying to raise the next generation of geeks, then this app could prove very useful.

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