Apple Promotes New iPad and iPhone Business Sections With iOS’ Enterprise Capabilities

Apple recently made some additions to its website to include business related information about using iOS in enterprise including, integrating mobile devices with a company’s current infrastructure, business apps and testimonies from business leaders that have seen great success with adapting the iPad or iPhone into the workday.

Apple has launched a campaign to take over the business world. The new web pages for the iPad include office task PDF documents that include details on access and management, editing Office documents, business streamlining, mobile meetings, note taking, point-of-sales, customer relations, data analyzing, collaborative working, and giving presentations. Each document includes information on apps, workflows and customer examples related to the subject.

The web pages also explain the simplicity of integration with a company’s preexisting infrastructure using Exchange, ActiveSync, IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV. Businesses can also connect privately to their network using IPSec and SSL, VPN and WPA2. For large scale iPad deployments, Apple’s business section offers information on mobile device management and the Apple configurator, which allows iTunes to be customized to fit the needs of both IT and the end-user.

The apps that Apple recommends are grouped together by category. For example, there is a category dedicated to presentations and work documents similar to Word, Excel and PowerPoint that can help workflow run smoothly. There are two main sections of apps on Apple’s website, one for App Store apps and one for in-house apps. The in-house app section includes detailed information and comprehensive PDF documents to help businesses create their own in-house apps from the planning stages, all the way through to deployment. There is also an new section in the App Store called, “@Work.”

The testimonials in Apple’s business section include major enterprise companies like Lowes, GE and Dow Corning. Each business profile includes a video presentation of the company’s integration with the iPhone or the iPad.

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating better mobility into your company, Apple’s “iPhone in Business” and “iPad in Business” pages will help you discover what is right for your business needs.

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