Adobe Moves Apps to their New ‘Creative Cloud’

Adobe Creative CloudAdobe has been working hard on applications to help seamlessly integrate with mobile use. Today, the company announced the official release of Adobe Creative Cloud, which lets users have complete access to all their important documents from anywhere that the Internet is accessible.

Adobe has also announced that it will launch Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition to allow students and educators to access and collaborate on important documents through cloud integration as well.

To join Adobe’s Creative Cloud, users pay $49.99 per month with an annual contract to be able to download and install every new Adobe CS6 application (which will be announced this morning), Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge preview. The cloud integrates Adobe’s applications such as Photoshop Touch into everyday work so that users can store and easily access files from any device. Creative Cloud members will also be able to create and deliver mobile apps to iOS and Android marketplaces, as well as, publish and manage websites.

The Student and Teacher editions of Creative Cloud will be available for $29.99 per month and will include all of Adobe’s CS6 applications to help students learn tools to becoming more competitive in the workforce. Students will be able to create multimedia-rich portfolios, websites and applications.

Adobe will also be linking their touch apps to CS6 desktop program.

  • Adobe Touch Apps bring professional-level creativity to tablet devices and address multiple areas of the creative process: image editing, ideation, sketching, mood board creation, website and mobile app prototyping, and the presentation of finished work.
  • Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas have already proved runaway hits on the iPad and Android tablets. Three additional tools, available on Android today, will be coming to iPad soon: Adobe Collage, Adobe Debut and Adobe Proto.
  • A new desktop app, Adobe Creative Cloud Connection, enables the syncing, sharing and storing of files across mobile devices and desktop.
  • Creative Cloud membership includes up to 20GB of cloud storage, with additional storage purchase options coming soon.

Adobe’s official Creative Cloud and CS6 launch will be streamed live at 10:00 a.m. PST from the company’s website at

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