SpellTower Will Become Your Next Word-Game Obsession – iPad Game Review

SpellTowerAre there many people out there that don’t enjoy word games? Am I the only person who can’t seem to resist them? If you are anything like me, SpellTower will become one of your favorite ways to pass (waste) time!

When Zach Gage set out to create this soon-to-be epic iOS game he knew he wanted something that could be seen as more than just another Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone and endeavored to create something that was every bit as addictive and fun as the offerings from the big studios like Rovio and Zynga.

Part of the reason you just can’t put this game down can be credited to the variety of modes you can choose from, described by the developer as:

  • Tower Mode – No pressure here. Try and get the highest score possible out of 150 letters, eliminating small words to set up 7- and 8-letter blockbusters!
  • Puzzle Mode – Every word you make adds a new row of letters! Strategic word finding at its best.
  • Extreme Puzzle Mode – Puzzle mode with the minimum word length cranked up. Experts only!
  • Rush Mode – Rows of letters build up over time. Find words as fast as you can, but be careful you don’t back yourself into a corner!
  • Debate Mode – Feeling good? Challenge your friends in this intense local multiplayer mode.

I am struggling to decide which mode is my favorite. I do enjoy the Tower Mode because it is really quick to play a round and you compete against your own brain to see how well you can do. When forced to choose I think Puzzle Mode appeals to me most –it reminds me of many hours spent perfecting my Tetris skills with a word-game twist.

What I liked: SpellTower features beautiful graphics with full support for the new iPad’s retina display which is enough to make me happy –but the developer goes a step further by providing a night-mode with darker colors perfect for playing in the dark and other low-light conditions. I’m the first to admit that half of my iPad gaming time happens during the midnight hours so this is a welcome addition.

What I didn’t like: When looking for something I didn’t like, I sat down with this game fully prepared to seek out something that I could complain about. I did find something –I am annoyed that none of my friends were awake when I tried it so that I could force them to buy this app and then play it with them immediately!

To buy or not to buy: If you enjoy word games I really encourage you to pick this one up –especially while it is on sale today! Help this developer prove that quality games can succeed even when they aren’t backed by huge studios with equally large advertising budgets. Even if you love the others, there is room on your iPad for this game as well!

  • App Name: SpellTower
  • Version Reviewed: 3.0.1
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Zach Gage
  • Price: $0.99 For a limited time!
  • Score:

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