Shazam Player Available for iPad Now

ShazamIf there is one complaint I can say for certain that I hear about iOS-based devices on a regular basis it is that they despise having to use iTunes to manage their music library. Fortunately for those people (and for me because I now have a good response), the Shazam Player is an excellent option as an iTunes alternative that lets you not only listen to your favorite tunes but also “see streaming lyrics, watch YouTube videos and read reviews of your favorite tracks and artists!”

With their latest release, the Shazam Player is now optimized for the retina display on the iPad –which means it looks as great as it functions! (and the best part is that it can be downloaded for free  from the App Store!)

Wondering what sets this music manager apart from the rest? Acting as a full-featured audio-hub, you can manage your Music (including being able to view your iTunes playlists and create new ones on the fly), hide the tracks you don’t want to hear, buy new music from iTunes directly from within the app, organize music by artist/album/title and if you feel like singing along, full integration with LyricPlay ™ lets you see streaming lyrics in time to the music!

Of course, my favorite feature means that if you have a memory like mine you can instantly launch the Shazam App from within the Shazam Player and have it listen and identify the song you are currently hearing.

As an added bonus you can look up tour dates for the bands you are listening to and also watch YouTube videos and concert clips directly inside the app and share out the “soundtrack of your day” on Facebook and Twitter.

This app is my idea of the triple-thread: fast, free and fantastic… give it a shot!

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