500px Photo Sharing Service Updates iPad Version with Retina Support


Whether you are a seasoned professional with an amazing camera or a parent with a pocket full of iPhone, chances are good you have an ever-increasing library of digital photography that you would like to be sharing with your friends and family. While there are a number of services out there that will let you do this to varying degrees, few are as full-featured and affordable as 500px.

Built as a true social networking site for photography, 500px just released an update to their existing iPad app with a host of upgrades designed to take advantage of the upgraded tablet.

Of course they began by adding support for the high resolution retina graphics display on the new iPad, but they have also added the functionality that will allow you download high definition photographs with a single button-tap on a full-sized photo seen in their Market.

Other improvements include photo location support that let you view and add geo-tags that identify where particular photos were taken, improved navigation through your own photos but also your favorites and those posted by your friends and a more intuitive search interface that lets you find photos by their tags or names.

For those of you who may be doing a little lunch-time surfing at work, the new version of the 500px app also features an improved filter to keep away content that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

The standard features still apply too of course, like the ability to use your iPad as a high resolution picture frame with photos and music content from your iTunes library. For those that enjoy just browsing through beautiful images, you can easily navigate around through the most popular choices, editor’s choices and fresh image as well as being able to filter by categories. See something you like? Vote for it, add it to your favorites or even leave comments for the person who is responsible. Want to help a friend remember a special trip or memory that a photograph triggers for you? Share it over Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or email (heck, you could even create a slideshow set to music using this app).

If you want to get started using 500px, it can be downloaded for free directly from the App Store.

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