Planned iOS Sync Hubs to Simplify Device Replacement

Apple’s Genius Bars are about to get even smarter. The tech giant’s retail stores may be receiving iOS Sync Hubs that will allow customers to sync their iDevice data temporarily, then transfer it to a replacement device.

Apple’s customers use the Genius Bar for a variety of reasons, for problems big and small. For the unlucky, whose device has advanced hardware issues that a software upgrade won’t fix, Apple will offer a replacement device. That is where the iOS sync hub comes in, as it promises to ease the transition from the old device to the new one.

As readers who have used the Genius Bar know, Apple recommends backing up a device before heading out to the Apple store for a Genius Bar appointment. Sometimes, however, the user simply cannot perform the back up before reaching the Genius Bar.

The iOS sync hub creates a temporary mirrored back up of the user’s device on-site. It promises to be more efficient than executing a full iCloud back up while the user frets and mills about. Not to mention that Apple’s paltry 5 GB space allocation isn’t enough to back up most iDevices anyway.

While many iOS users may have contacts, photos, and calendar entries backed up either through iCloud or because the device is synced to an iMac with Time Machine, this solution offers customers the promise of a seamless transition from old to new device. Not only will a customer get a brand new replacement device, but it will already be set up just the way she likes it.

Customers can expect to see these nifty sync hubs in action in select Apple stores by mid-2013, with a full launch to follow the year after. The sync hubs are still in development, but keep your fingers crossed that they make it out of the super secret “future” Apple Labs store and on to the Genius Bar near you before you really need to use one.

[via 9to5mac]

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