Verizon Makes International iPad Travel Easy With New Data Plans

Verizon WirelessAnybody who travels knows the stress and annoyance of trying to figure out exactly what it will cost you to use your mobile devices away from home. These feelings are amplified when you are traveling Internationally.

A new plan from Verizon Wireless offers U.S.-based customers a wireless global data plan that gives 100 MB of data for USD $25.00 a month. With no more guesswork you can feel a little more free to check your email, browse the Web and update social networks anytime you find yourself “outside the United States in 120 countries and destinations, including all of Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada.”

The unfortunate thing is that this new plan isn’t an option for those not currently subscribed to a Verizon domestic data package (other requirements also apply such as having international eligibility which is earned with an acceptable account payment history).

Wonder what happens if you exceed the 100 MB allotment? Customers are promised a text message indicating that you have exceeded your initial quota and that your account has been automatically adjusted and billed an additional USD $25.00 for another 100 MB chunk.

If you happen to be in a country not covered by the Global Data Plan you can still use your devices at a Pay Per Use rate of USD $0.02 per KB.

Verizon is trying to become your ultimate traveling companion. In addition to this new data plan you can enjoy features like a Trip Planner with information about the kinds of coverage and functionality you can expect from your mobile device and a little friendly voice when you arrive –a free welcome text message is sent when you reach your destination, offering helpful information like dialing instructions and details needed for local technical support.

While my first impression is that 100 MB of data seems rather inadequate, I am pleased that data providers are starting to respond to customer concerns over confusing and ambiguous roaming fees and terms.

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  • Jim Ratliff

    According to the Verizon reps I talked to today, an iPad user can take advantage of this international plan _only_ if you switch to a data plan with a contract (as opposed to the no-contract plan you sign up to on the iPad itself via Settings → Cellular Data).