Tablets Are Leading Alternative For Full-Length TV Show Viewing

Viacom recently conducted a study on television viewing on “second-screen” alternatives to the old idiot box and found that tablets are the new black. That is, if people are not watching TV on a traditional television set, they are probably watching it on a tablet.

Viacom’s research, named “Tapping Into Tabletomics,” surveyed more than 2,500 people ages 8 to 54 and interviewed dedicated tablet users in New York and Los Angeles and found that tablets are the second most used (behind television sets) device for watching TV shows surpassing home computers and smart phones to be the preferred alternative method. For full-length TV (FLTV) show viewing, 15 percent happens on a tablet.

MSO app users, Netflix subscribers, Whispersync users, Apple TV owners and AirPlay uers are much more likely to use their tablets for FLTV viewing, with more than one-third AirPlay and Whispersync users that are also cable subscribers stating that they watch FLTV shows on tablets because of the dedicated apps that cable providers offer.

The research also provided a breakdown of typical tablet use.

  • 62% use their tablets daily
  • Daily tablet users spend an average of 2.4 hours per day on their tablets
  • 85% of tablet use is for personal reasons versus business
  • 77% of tablet use is alone
  • 74% of tablet usage is done at home
  • Most media activities on the tablet, such as playing games and watching TV shows, peak with the 18-24 demo

According to “Tapping Into Tabletomics,” tablet users really love their gadget. More than 50 percent of people surveyed said their tablet makes them feel happier and more relaxed, 49 percent said tablets make them more effective at managing life and 40 percent say that their tablet brings out the best in them.

One participant said,” “The iPad is my form of entertainment, relaxation, fun, and opportunity to get information. It’s my personal space, in a sense.”

Viacom’s survey ultimately found that, although tablet users love their device, they are not ready to give up on traditional technology. Of the people surveyed, 65 percent said they would replace their laptops before their tablet because it lacks work functionality and 77 percent said they would replace their iPhone before their iPad.

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