Organize Your Notes with Remarks from Readdle – iPad Review

As the certified Queen of the Post-Its, my life seems to be overrun by tiny, sticky notes written to remind about a seemingly endless series of tasks, projects and errands. These notes cover my desk, my calendar, my checkbook, my fridge–heck, sometimes they even cover my iPhone and iPad.

Now, with this updated version of the Remarks app, perhaps I can at least clear a few of those notes off my iPad screen–if not from my desk, calendar and fridge, too.

Remarks focuses on one thing: Taking notes and making them useful. It’s pretty simple, really. Use this app to take down notes anywhere–you can use the standard text keyboard or use your finger or a stylus to write out notes in your own handwriting.  You can also add images, organize your notes into folders. If you want to get extra fancy, it’s also relatively easy to add shapes (graphs, pie charts, etc).

Best of all, you can easily edit as well as share and save these notes via e-mail, Dropbox or Google Docs. They can also be backed up via iCloud or iTunes file sharing.

I found the sharing option to be particularly useful. Lately, I’d been trying to manage my myriad of to-do notes using either the iPhones native Notes app or the more functional Evernote app. The former is pretty limited in its capabilities (type, save and email–that’s about it) and while Evernote is extremely useful with its multi-format capability, sometimes you just don’t need all of its tricks. I like having the option to share my notes via Google Docs, in particular as that’s a resource I use for work, school and personal life.

What I liked: Clean, intuitive interface with several templates to choose from. Making folders is a snap, using the same folder-creation drag-and-drop method used on the iPhone and iPad and the easy PDF annotation and editing is also a plus. Also, uploading/sharing is very easy.

What I didn’t like: The app features a few bells and whistles that seem unnecessary. The “joystick” option, for example, is just a superfluous way to use zoom mode–your fingers can do the trick just as well–and probably faster without extra steps. Also, for an app that’s otherwise easy to learn, it took me awhile to figure out how to name a note. That should be the simplest of functions but it took several minutes hunting around for a clue before I finally resorted back to the “Getting started” guide. I also wish the handwriting tool was a little kinder to people with fat, clumsy fingers such as myself–there’s not a lot of precision there unless you use a stylus. Finally, while the PDF function is extremely useful, it’d also be nice to have the option to save notes as simple text or a Microsoft Word document–not to mention the ability to import notes from other sources. As it is, you can only open external PDF docs via Google Docs or Dropbox. I’d like to see the option to receive documents (in a range of formats) via e-mail or other sources.

To buy or not to buy: At $4.99 it just depends on your needs. For someone like me–looking for a way to clear at least a few of the Post-It notes off my desk, calendar, etc–it’s extremely helpful. If you’re not a rabid note-taker, however, this app might not be worth the money for you.

  • App Name: Remarks
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Productivity
  • Developer: Readdle
  • Price: $4.99
  • Score:

About Rachel: Rachel is a writer living in Northern California. She spends way too much time online; follow her at @writegrrrl