Apple and Aussie Regulator Fail to Reach 4G Consensus

Apple recently got into a kerfuffle with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) because the company is selling the “New iPad with Wi Fi + 4G” where the local carrier does not support the 4G network. The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that, although Apple made some changes to how they advertise the 4G model, there has yet to be an acceptable compromise to resolving the issue.

Apple did make some clarifications on their Australian website. A few weeks ago, the incompatibility information was listed under the product summary as a footnote, but didn’t actually specify that the iPad WiFi + 4G was not 4G compatible in Australia. Now, the product page clearly states within the summary that it is not compatible with Australian 4G LTE networks.

Additionally, Apple agreed to put up a notice wherever the iPad was sold to warn customers, as well as contact all previous customers directly and offer a refund if they felt that they were tricked into buying the tablet by misleading advertising.

Apparently, that is not good enough for the ACCC. It appears that the government watchdog wants Apple to change the name to eliminate the “4G” wording. According to the Sydney Morning Herald,

“The parties were going to discuss whether Apple would change the name of the product at mediation. But the mediation session scheduled for 10.15am AEST concluded about midday without the parties reaching an agreement.”

Other countries have also been looking into whether they believe Apple is misleading their citizens. The 4G network is not compatible in the UK and Sweden and both countries have considered launching an investigation.

[via CNet]

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