A Spotify iPad App Spotted Already?

The world’s most popular music streaming company has been dodging the iPad for long enough. Recently, a Swedish technology consultant was kind enough to throw us a Spotify bone by posting a picture of what looks like a beta version of an official Spotify app to Instagram with a caption that reads, “It’s getting closer!”

The supposed iPad app looks like it is more than just a bigger version of Spotify’s mobile app for iPhone. The developers are taking advantage of the iPad’s larger screen to offer a convenient sidebar, at least in portrait mode, that includes Spotify’s search, playlist, friends, settings and “what’s new” functions. In the posted image, Iron Maiden is shown on the main part of the screen with various tracks from the artist’s collection. The currently playing  song is displayed at the bottom of the screen, similar to the PC application. On the left, it appears to be showing similar artists in a large sidebar with the app’s functions listed vertically to the far left of the screen.

So far, so good Spotify.

The company has been dropping hints at an iPad release for almost half a year, but it looks like the wait may soon be over. It’s a good thing, since rumors of an unofficial Spotify app for the iPad have been spreading around the Internet water cooler lately.

[via The Verge]

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  • Chris

    Check out “Spotable” app! Looks just like it!