Phillippe Starck to Collaborate with Apple on “Revolutionary” Product [u]

Tech nerds and lovers of good design have long comprised two large segments of the Apple fan base. News that Phillippe Starck, the French concepteur devin, is collaborating with Apple on a “revolutionary” product may bring on fits of ecstasy amongst members of the latter group.

Apple Insider reports that Starck announced these plans on the French Info radio show. Le Figaro printed his remarks. The translation suggests that Starck could not divulge much information about the new product, citing Apple’s “religious cult of secrecy.” Just what the new product will be (iTV? iPhone 5? mini iPad?) remains under wraps, but Apple will release it within the next 8 months.

The translation also reveals that Starck met with Apple chief executive Steve Jobs monthly for seven years, and now regularly sees Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell.

From Fossil watches to nearly invisible furniture, Starck has built an empire of sleek consumer goods. Yet, not everything Starck touches turns to gold. Remember the Starck for Target line of baby products? No? You’re not alone.

Can’t wait to get your hands on some Starck creations for Apple? While consumers wait to see what Starck + Apple collaboration produces, audiophiles can pick up the Starck-designed, wireless iPhone/iPod Parrot Zikma Speakers for just $1600 US.

Too pricey? Consider downloading Design Museum London‘s iPad app for free from the App Store. Both Starck and Apple make an appearance.

What do you think Starck and Apple have planned? Let us know in the comments.

Update: According to AllThingsD, Starck is actually working on a yacht for the Jobs family, and not am Apple-branded product.

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